Imam's Corner

Shaikh Moulana Abdul Salik
Imam Of Islamic Society Of Gold Coast Australia

Personal Background:

Imam Salik was born and raised in Pakistan. His father, a highly respected and honorable teacher at a local high school, provided him with a rich educational and religious upbringing. Additionally, Imam Salik’s grandfather, a renowned scholar and Islamic teacher in the subcontinent, had a significant influence on his life.

After completing his education, Imam Salik served as an Imam in Pakistan for approximately five years before moving to various countries. Eventually, he settled in Australia.

Educational Background:

Shaikh Moulana Abdul Salik (Imam Salik) holds two Bachelor’s Degrees in Commerce and Arts, in addition to a Master’s Degree in Islamic Studies. He also received an Islamic Scholar (Aalim) Certificate after spending nine years deeply studying Islamic knowledge under the guidance of scholars from around the world. He pursued his studies under the guidance of esteemed scholars in Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Morocco, and Sudan. Imam Salik specialized in Arabic Literature, ancient Arabic poetry, and Quranic Language. He obtained permission (Ijazah) for Hadith from various scholars, including Shaikh Moulana Tariq Jameel from Pakistan, Shaikh Shabbir Madani from Saudi Arabia, Shaikh Moulana Ubaidullah from Pakistan, and Shaikh Ramzi Al Habib from Tunisia. These scholars granted him special permission to transmit Hadith-en-Nabawi صلى الله عليه وسلم.

Experience of Imam & Teaching:

Shaikh Moulana Imam Abdul Salik has been serving as an Imam in different countries for the past 17 years. His teaching and Imam experience began in Pakistan at Ayesha Masjid in 2006. Since then, his journey has taken him to various destinations, including Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Fiji Islands, and currently, Australia.

Imam Salik moved to Australia in 2014 and served in different places such as Ipswich, Rockhampton, and Townsville in QLD. He also worked as an Islamic Studies Teacher and Imam in Central Coast and Western Sydney, including Al Faisal Islamic College Sydney.

Gold Coast Muslim Community:

The Gold Coast Muslim Community is a multicultural and multilingual community, comprising individuals from 70 different nationalities and speaking various languages. In this diverse community, Shaikh Moulana Abdul Salik (Imam Salik) is a valuable addition, as he fluently speaks Arabic, English, and Urdu.

Imam can be contacted here
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